Gratitude Award Scheme

We believe it vital that NJC employees know how much their hard work is appreciated. 

The NJC Gratitude Award Scheme acknowledges positive behaviours both in terms of our customer service and also our core values. It is intended to recognise achievement and behaviour, and boost morale, as we know that people who feel good about themselves produce good results. Rewards are offered incrementally based upon the frequency of attainment and regular award recipients are naturually included in our talent management process.

Any member of staff may recommend another employee to receive an award.

Clients and Customers may also recommend an employee for an award.

For frontline staff, rewards have been altered to reflect colleague feedback with the monetary value of individual awards now being offered in the form of High Street vouchers.

However, we also recognise that we need a range of tools at our disposal to provide continued motivation. These include discretionary bonus systems, formal performance bonus systems, gratitude systems, and local rewards schemes such as our ‘Afternoon Tea for Two’ scheme. The latter treats high performers, or specific performers of company values, to a 5 star hotel afternoon tea experience and provides the opportunity to experience the training that the facility provides to its staff that underpins the experience.