Our People are Our Business

NJC recognise that our people are key to our business success, enabling us to be the best at what we do.

We must therefore continuingly attract, develop and retain the best talent available to provide the very best in customer service, innovation, quality and operational efficiency.

Being an attractive employer for NJC is not just about offering good financial reward, but the whole package – company image, benefits, opportunities for career advancement, a good team of staff and the right fit in terms of company culture, expectations and responsibilities.  This enables us to attract the right kind of employees and aids in our thorough recruitment process to ensure that people with the highest integrity, work ethics and experience are welcomed to the NJC team. We are proud that we have developed the following resources in respect of our commitment to being an Employer of Choice.

Our people are ‘not just cleaners’. They are special. Without them, our customers would not experience the service excellence they receive from NJC. Our people are equally as important to us as our customers, because the quality of our service is measured by the actions of our front line staff, perpetually.

We support the Living Wage Foundations' drive for implementation of the Living Wage and we are committed to the Living Wage Service Providers Recognition Scheme. We are part of the LWF Leadership Group driving adoption of the standard within which we further committed to ensure that for all NJC colleagues employed on our own portfolio, they receive the Living Wage.

Recruiting, motivating and training Triple A staff, goes a long way to providing high quality standards, consistently. We ensure that they have the Attitude, Aptitude and Ability to be successful.

NJC People enjoy their work, are passionate about customer service and show respect for one another. People that enjoy their work produce good results and we create an environment where our staff feel proud and realise the importance of their role. Contributions from all team members are valued and people know that their hard work is appreciated and recognised through our Gratitude Award Scheme. Customers can therefore be assured of a balanced, capable team with the right skill sets that will go the extra mile to achieve consistency of service.


We are proud supporters of the Living Wage Foundation. For more information, click here.