Janitorial Supplies

As a leading wholesaler of Janitorial consumable products and materials, we are at the forefront of sustainable and responsible service solutions.

NJC is relatively unique in treating the provision of Janitorial consumables; materials and equipment as a service, focussing on both the quality of the products and how we have supported their delivery, use and ultimately disposal.

We see the products, our services and the infrastructure that supports the delivery of our product as one cohesive unit, with one carbon infrastructure. 

It is NJC’s policy to approach the provision of Janitorial consumables, materials and equipment from a completely different perspective. We view the anticipated outcome that our customers wish to achieve and establish through intellect, application and attentiveness of how best to achieve this.


As a wholesaler, we have developed deep working relationship with manufacturers, which has two distinct advantages.  

Firstly commercially, as a wholesaler, we remove compounded profit margins through the removal of intermediate bodies and we pass these savings onto our customers. Secondly, we benefit from advantageous unit rates which we pass onto our customers, both at contract outset and, as our volumes grow and unit rates improve, we pass these benefits on as well.

Our mature supplier relationships also provide benefits on Janitorial product knowledge and marketing.  We have access to research and development benefits faster than normal market participants and we regularly participate in advanced trials. 

Additionally, when new and improved products are introduced we have access to considerable marketing materials on both product benefits and use. We foresee considerable benefits in marketing new products and services to the wide spectrum of stakeholders in our customer groups.