Pest Control

The business, reputational and economic impact of pest infestations cannot be underestimated.

However, the business impact of pest infestation goes beyond the financials. A business' reputation, relationships with its customers, clients, suppliers and of course its employees are all at stake.  When an infestation occurs in the workplace, everything from productivity to employee morale can be detrimentally affected and it can result in a loss of stock, temporary or permanent closure, reduction in staff morale and a negative impact to reputation. 

Our Pest Control service is an essential addition to the range of services we provide to our customers and is part of our enhanced focus on occupier wellbeing.  

We keep our customers' buildings free of rodents and insect infestations by using the latest methods, together with a service programme, specific to the workplace environment, to ensure minimal disruption to the building occupier.

We can install an excellent monitoring programme along with specialist surveys to detect insect harbourage and activity. As most insect infestations require specific control measures unique to the insect, effective treatments can be carried out following identification and particular habitat.

Our core services include:

  • Rodent and insect control / proofing prevention / riddance.
  • Bird control / bird proofing.
  • Mole control / trapping / gassing
  • Rabbit control / fox control
  • Electric fly control units
  • Window / door fly chains and curtains
  • Insecticide spraying