About NJC

Our History

Started in 1984 by Connie Heppelthwaite, NJC has evolved to become an agile, attentive, innovative organisation. We achieve this by constantly developing market initiatives, not reacting to them, and by recruiting, retaining and developing top quality people at all levels of our business. Today, we are an integrated soft facilities services provider.

We have retained the values Connie imprinted on the business. Service quality, customer service, attention to detail and an insatiable desire to go the extra mile, are the inherent components of the NJC DNA.

Our Values

Our 7 company values demonstrate we have the NJC DNA; that inherent ability to consistently go the 'extra mile'. NJC are the 'Outliers' of service provision.

Open, honest and transparent, we believe in ethical, sustainable, safe and dependable service provision.

Uniquely different and unafraid to challenge conventional thinking, we are thoughtful, innovative, passionate, ambitious and trustworthy.

Team-work, achieved through thinking, acting and behaving as one team. This is how we achieve and maintain our success. Our team is our customers, our colleagues, our supply chain and the communities in which we work.

Limitless passion is the lifeblood of NJC. It is vital that all team members enjoy their work and are passionate about providing high levels of customer service and quality output. NJC creates a working environment in which employees can be proud of their job and realise how important it is. Our employees know how much their hard work to deliver good results is appreciated, and this allows us to deliver consistent service performance throughout the whole life of the contract.

Integrity is central to the way we do business and crucial to our external credibility and continued respect in the market place. To demonstrate integrity everyone must follow ethical business practices, be reliable, trustworthy and honest, deliver our promises and have a fair minded approach. The transparency provided by our cost models and business management technology demonstrates our integrity.

Excellence in everything we do is how we maintain our competitive advantage by giving the best possible quality and value for money for every project or service we deliver. To be the best at what we do and deliver better services than our competitors, we must continually raise the bar, whilst exceeding the expectations of our customers. 

Respect for the individual is central to us and we treat others as we would like to be treated. A culture in which communication is two-way, clear and constructive, and the contributions of all team members are valued, as well as differences respected, will support learning and continuous improvement and enable us to stay ahead of the competition.

Outlier (noun) - scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience.

Our Mission

To be the most respected company in our sector and to have the best reputation for customer service, innovation, quality and operational efficiency.

Contact NJC

Our team are here to help with any questions, and to show where NJC can add real value to your colleague and customer experience, so why not get in touch.

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