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NJC has operated throughout the COVID-19 crisis and we are ready to support you through the challenges.

As the current pandemic progresses we inevitably start to think about the resumption of work and what the new normal may look like. The requirement for social distancing, PPE and staggered shifts may mean that most people will be returning to a very different workplace to the one that they left in the middle of March. After lockdown isolation, returning to work will bring concerns for many and helping people FEEL safe, as well as keeping them safe, will be vital.

As buildings reopen cleaning and support services will play a central role and there are many aspects to the planning phase, from Risk Assessments and Method Statements to ensuring comprehensive cleaning regimes are in place ready for reoccupation. Agile working spaces and hot desks, designed to be used by many people throughout the working day, are likely to present particular challenges with the need for thorough cleaning after each use and may attract direct governmental advice.

We are providing resources to support you in your remobilisation plan, and will be updating these as guidance and information increases.


At NJC, we recommend working with experienced service partners to develop a clear remobilisation plan, ensuring sufficient time is allowed to get the office and building deep cleaned before reoccupancy with the right cleaning and waste management processes in place to sustain this. We can provide a proforma questionnaire to prompt your planning and to help you ensure that your cleaning and waste methodologies meet the appropriate public health authority standards and guidance.



Cleaning teams will be extremely important in keeping spaces virus-free. Our returning cleaning management and support staff will be inducted into our COVID-19 Cleaning protocols ahead of service requirements, so they understand both the precautions, methods, products and outcomes, and they can explain their actions to the internal customer. Managing perception and helping to provide peace of mind will be a major task during the early stages of return.

We believe that having a cleaning provider who has the expertise, depth of pre-planning and directly employed capability to fulfil all of you requirements, is likely to make the return to work journey significantly more straightforward and efficient. This includes enhanced daily office cleaning, decontamination/ disinfection cleans, remobilisation sparkle cleans, regular deep cleaning embedded in PPM programmes, sustainable provision of hygiene consumables and waste management.

NJC is also able to support customers with the sourcing of PPE, and the sourcing and installation of social distancing signage and screens.


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