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Our New Brand Identity - Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we decide to rebrand and why now?

 After more than 30 years of incredible accomplishments and milestones, NJC is embarking on the next chapter of its evolution. We recognised there was an opportunity to ensure that our overall positioning, as well as our look and feel, better showcased our broad portfolio of services, sectors and customer groups. Subsequently, after careful, thorough and strategic dialogue with many stakeholders, and ultimately our board, we began the rebranding process.

What are we changing?

Our website is changing ─ and so is our logo ─ but our commitment to providing attentive, innovative business support services, remains entirely the same. We have a new look on the outside, but in our heart we will always be the same NJC you know, with the same DNA ─ that is the insatiable appetite to go the extra mile for our customers. We aim to bring more of a progressive and aspirational identity to our visual elements to signify the vibrancy of the change that we create in the range of services we provide.

What are we trying to communicate through the new brand?

NJC supports positive business outcomes. Our brand brings to life the positive attitude we create and the impact of our work. With a progressive and aspirational position, we aim to bring the customer service focus, attentiveness, passion and commitment to everything that we do, into all of our services, products and procedures.

Has our mission, vision, or core values changed?

No, they remain the same. Our brand positioning statement was crafted specifically to support our existing mission whilst retaining affinity to our history, and our 30-plus years of incredible accomplishments, while being flexible enough to allow for future evolution.

Why did we change the logo?

We believe the logo realignment better reflects the modern visual presentation that is synonymous with innovative and attentive business practices, that conveys through image, that this is Not Just Cleaning and we are Not Just Cleaners.

Why did we remove the wording from NJC’s logo?

We are Not Just Cleaning and our heritage remains at the heart of NJC. Our work began in 1984 with Cleaning, but over the years our work has expanded. Therefore with an emphasis on People centric services, our service has evolved into a wide range of business support practices and, as such, we wanted our logo to reflect that. Thus, we chose a logo which gives us more flexibility in showcasing our work. Rest assured that our cleaning heritage is still an important part of who we are and we are excited to be gearing up to launch the next generation of innovative and attentive support services, in the near future.

Why did we change our tagline?

Our former tagline made it clear that we were leaders in cleaning, but did not make a connection to the increasing breadth of service and the depth of our capabilities. We wanted to connect with the importance our people and our positive attitude and commitment to going the extra mile has on the provision of positive business outcomes, across increasingly diverse services and sectors. Our goal was to develop a tagline that nodded to our heritage and one which further expanded the understanding of our commitment to great people, delivering excellent service.

How do I contact NJC if I have questions?

You can reach the NJC’s Business Support team by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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