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The Real Living Wage in Action at NJC

A significant drop in staff turnover, a loyal and motivated team with higher calibre members, and a superior quality service. These are some of the benefits which one of NJC’s customers has experienced since upgrading to the Real Living Wage on 1st August 2017.

The difference the increase has made to the 20 employees has been significant and everyone was very pleased. Supervisor Joyce comments: “I think everyone is pleased with the increase to the Real Living Wage and in my opinion if everyone feels that they are appreciated and well looked after, then the standards are better and the work environment is more pleasant. As a supervisor, I think it makes my job easier because I can demand good performance and people feel motivated to deliver.”

Day Janitor, Seliatu, commented: “The increase has made a big difference to me and my family and I feel much more settled in my role and I intend to continue to work here.”

Paul Crilly, Managing Director NJC added: “There is growing evidence that in return for fair pay, employees reward their employer with increased loyalty, engagement and commitment to deliver a high quality service. NJC promotes the Real Living Wage in all its service offers and is a Recognised Service Provider working with the Living Wage Foundation. ”

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