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NJC and the Real Living Wage

For NJC, embarking upon the Living Wage in 2014 was a natural extension of our family heritage and our values. Our company is Not Just Cleaning and our employees are Not Just Cleaners, and because our employees protect the image of leading organisations in the UK, they deserve to be paid a fair and appropriate wage.

Given that the ambitions for our business are founded upon strong pastoral commitments, within which we recognise the criticality of our colleagues, it is only right that sustainable employment should be demonstrably at the heart of our service. In addition, we are convinced that there is considerable evidence that in return for fair pay, employees reward their employer with increased loyalty and increased engagement.

NJC is a Recognised Service Provider working with the Living Wage Foundation and promotes the Real Living Wage, based on the real cost of living. We submit a Living Wage bid alongside every market rate submittal to all our prospective and current clients, so they always have the choice to implement the Living Wage at the point of tender. We believe the clear business benefits of the Real Living Wage are: 

  • It supports our Employer of Choice initiatives.
  • It enhances staff retention and reduces recruitment associated overhead costs.
  • It is a positive contributor to employee morale, motivation and engagement.
  • It has a positive productivity impact.
  • It drives us to constantly develop our service propositions, utilising flexible working practises and innovative technologies.

We believe that organisations who have Recognised Service Provider ambitions may be put off by a lack of understanding of the process to follow and by a perception that the cost is prohibitive. Our experience is that neither should be a barrier to participation and we are committed to supporting the conversion of as many like-minded service providers as possible to join us on the Living Wage journey. The end result of a highly motivated, highly productive, engaged and appropriately rewarded service support organisation must be celebrated.

Paul Crilly, Managing Director, NJC


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