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Reach for the Sky

NJC continually strives to ensure that employees are not harmed by the work that they do and to achieve this we apply industry best practise wherever it exists. However, the risks presented by some activities are not always fully understood and Reach and Wash cleaning is one such activity.

Although Reach and Wash avoids working at height, and therefore the risk of falling, it does involve manual handling of long and unwieldy poles. While NJC applies safe practice, the true extent of the risks are not fully understood at present.

To rectify this gap in the industry’s knowledge, NJC has joined other organisations, including Landsec and DorsaVi, to undertake a scientific study of the stresses placed on the body by Reach and Wash cleaning. As part of this, DorsaVi recently used muscle sensors to study the work of an NJC employee. This has provided a wealth of data on which postures and actions create the greatest stresses on the operative. The information will be taken along with data from other participants to prepare a follow-up, which will test various work techniques and how they can reduce these stresses.

A white paper will be produced from this information later this year, which will help to provide best practise information for us and for anyone else who provides this service; improving safety for all.

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