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NJC Gratitude Award for Ram Gurung

Congratulations to Ram Gurung, NJC Day Janitor at Green Park Reading, for receiving an NJC Gratitude Award.

Ram was recommended for the award by the Facilities Manager at Nvidia who said:

"I would also like to ask if you have an award scheme for outstanding employees, as I would like to put forward Ram the building cleaner.  He is the most hard working cleaner I have ever come across, and in the 2 years I have worked in this building I have never seen Ram idle.  Even when he is walking past to go to the lift he has a duster in his hand, dusting the railings. He constantly inspects the floor for dust and stains and always makes sure everything is cleaned perfectly.

Ram is a very courteous person, is well liked and extremely appreciated by everyone in this building. His name often comes up in the occupiers' meeting regarding how good he is.  He never complains and is always quick and happy to do anything asked of him. When he comes onto the floor he acknowledges staff with a "hello" and is always opening doors and the first to help if you are carrying a load."


Image shows Ram with his award.


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