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NJC Gratitude Award for Mohamed Jalloh

An estate penetration test was recently carried out at New Street Square in London, to assess how an external person might gain entry to the estate, and to identify the steps that were needed to prevent this going forward.

The tester, from the security service provider, initially tailgated a member of  the service partner team to get through a cycle gate. He than waited at another cycle gate for a tenant employee to pass through and gained entry. Following this he attempted to gain entry into one of the buildings from the car park, but was stopped and questioned by Mohamed Jalloh from NJC. Mohamed then escorted the gentleman to the security control room, where he was detained.

Congratulations to Mo for his vigilance and courage in taking actions that ensured the safety and security of the estate.

The image show Mo receiving his NJC Gratitude Award from Russell Southern, Portfolio Manager.

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