Rope Access Window Cleaning

NJC is a leading provider of rope access window cleaning and maintenance services in London and the South of England.

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We are one of only a few IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) associated members in the UK to specialise in rope access window cleaning and other vertical cleaning, maintenance and inspection services. Our directly employed workforce is of the highest calibre.


Rope access (also known as abseiling) is one of the most efficient methods of accessing hard to reach areas, and is cost effective as the man hours needed to complete the work are reduced compared to traditional access methods, and there is no requirement to hire or transport costly equipment such as MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms) or scaffold. If there is a change in the schedule, due to the weather or changing work priorities, rope access window cleaning or maintenance can simply be rescheduled, with none of the logistical or financial issues associated with equipment hire.

The main objective with rope access, as with any other working at height activity, is to plan, manage and carry out the work with no accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences, and to prevent damage to the property or harm to the environment. Safe systems of work must be maintained at all times and careful planning and documented risk assessments are undertaken for each operation.

Due to the versatility of rope access there are very few places on a building that cannot be reached, and it is ideal for difficult to access atria, confined spaces and complicated structures. NJC’s services allow your projects to be delivered on time and within budget, and include rope access window cleaning, cladding cleaning, deep cleaning, construction, pest control and signage installations, inspections, safety system installation and inspection/ testing and repair. Rope access can also be employed as a temporary solution when building maintenance units or cradles cannot be used due to maintenance or other reasons.

Each of our projects follow the ‘Safe and Best Practice’ approach, ensuring all work is carried out to the highest safety standards.

Benefits of Rope Access Window Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Cost effective and can be used to reach almost all areas of a building.
  • Rope access window cleaning provides a solution for difficult to access atria and complex structures.
  • Reduced hours working at height compared with traditional access methods.
  • Provides an unobtrusive and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Equipment used is installed and uninstalled rapidly, minimising disruption.
  • Reduces overall lead time on projects, which reduces project costs.
  • Other trades can continue their work without disruption at ground level, unlike other access methods, such as scaffolding.
  • Offers greater flexibility for rescheduling, if needed due to weather conditions.
  • Self-rescuing work at height practice, as all technicians are trained to carry out a multitude of rope rescue scenarios.

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