Covid Restart Plan

There are many things to consider in planning your workplace restart. Preparation will almost certainly include new building use strategies to comply with social distancing, which may increase demand in previously low use areas and impact cleaning requirements. Prior to occupation, assessing risks will be key and you may require a deep clean, particularly to high touch point, high traffic areas and any spaces decommissioned during the lockdown.

During re-occupancy, we recommend that customers increase day cleaning, particularly focused on high touch point cleaning and enabling a quick response to any emerging hygiene issues. Hard surface testing may also be required to provide enhanced rigour to the cleaning regime, for safety and continuous improvement. As well as ensuring a clean, safe and hygienic environment, this helps to boost the confidence of the people returning.

The use of PPE will continue to bring challenges, including waste disposal, and ensuring that you have adequate supplies of all products, signage and screens will need advance preparation.

As an essential service, NJC has operated throughout the COVID-19 crisis, amassing vital experience on the processes, products and outcomes that consistently deliver safe and hygienic environments. We have supported many of our customers reopening their offices and buildings after the first lockdown and our Restart Plan document shares some of the challenges you may face and provides tips for resolution.


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