Data Centre Cleaning

NJC provides specialist data centre cleaning solutions that remove harmful particles and ensure optimum performance.

Your IT environment and infrastructure is an investment which requires protection. We understand that there is more than meets the eye to preserving its integrity and our approach to decontamination and specialist cleaning in data centres, server rooms and other business critical environments helps to keep your IT equipment operating at peak performance.

In today’s technology world, IT facilities allow a business to operate, and when a server or other piece of equipment breaks down it can have a very serious impact, interrupting the service, wasting time and costing money. A programme of specialist deep cleaning will reduce the risk of breakdown due to poor hygiene or contaminants in the environment.

Our data centre cleaning technicians provide effective and thorough cleaning of each element of your data environment. They are equipped with anti-static workwear and this, together with specialist equipment, allows us to remove organic materials, clothing fibres, carbon fibres, paper dust, metallic dust and chemical contaminants from the air and surfaces. The NJC team are fully trained and security cleared to work in critical and sensitive environments and our services are available 24/7/365. We will ensure thorough data centre cleaning without disrupting your business operations or productivity.

After the clean we will certificate the data centre, data room and comms room to ISO 14644-1 Class 8. This specification is based on the international standards for cleanliness of clean rooms, clean zones and controlled environments.

Our services include:

  • High level cleaning
  • Sub-floor and ceiling void cleaning
  • Floor tile scrubbing and polishing
  • Cleaning exterior surfaces of hardware
  • Internal rack cleaning
  • Internal server cleaning

In addition to data centre cleaning, NJC carries out critical environment cleaning for IT facilities, server rooms, switch rooms and plant rooms.

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