Pressure Washing

NJC offers hot and cold pressure washing services.

NJC provides a range of pressure washing services that cover whole business premises, including building exteriors, walls, car parks, paved flooring and terraces, leaving our customer’s locations pristine.

We carry out pressure washing ranging from high pressure cold water to low pressure hot water (steam in essence). We have a range of machines from small electric to cold water bowser and all the way up to our ‘Grimebuster’, equipped with two work stations and variable temperature and pressure control, giving us the capability and flexibility to deal with tasks from the smallest to the largest.

Cold water pressure washing can be used on many surfaces and with our independent bowser systems we are not reliant on power and water supply to complete tasks.

The hot water system works on low pressure and when combined with heat, produces steam. This enables us to work on delicate stone finishes, without the risk of damage. It is also very effective in the removal of dirt and grime in built up city areas caused by traffic emissions. When using the hot system, the use of chemical is very rarely required. Our truck mounted systems enable us to complete tasks independently, without site based water or power supplies.

Chemicals are used only when absolutely necessary and then only chemicals which are not harmful to the environment, and are biodegradable, are considered.

Pressure washing is used for:

Graffiti Cleaning & Removal - Graffiti can have a negative impact on your business and it tends to attract more graffiti unless it is removed promptly. The quicker graffiti is removed, the better, as after a few weeks the solvent will dry into the pores of the brick, making it more difficult to remove. Our effective removal service removes the graffiti without harming delicate surfaces or leaving marks or shadowing.

Chewing Gum Removal - Removing gum on a regular basis helps to keep the area immaculate and tidy. Also, the sooner it is removed the less likely it is to leave an unattractive “oil stain”.

Moss and Algae Removal - Not only can algae and moss be unsightly but also dangerous if left untreated, due to the risk of slips and falls. We clean driveways, paths, play areas, car parks, terraces, decking, marinas, pavements or any other areas that are used by the public.

Brick and Stone Building Cleaning - First impressions count and the outside of a building will be the first thing that your customer sees. Presenting your business correctly will build confidence with your customers and will tell them a lot about your organisation.


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