Post Room Services

NJC is evolving Post Room Services utilising modern technology.

We provide a range of document services and post room services, designed to optimise your internal mailroom function and strip out costs. By outsourcing your post room, we can provide staff to sort mail and perform a number of other tasks within your operation, including stationery management, managing copiers and printers or even a document archiving solution.

NJC has partnered with MyTAG, utilising state-of-the-art NFC (near field communication) technology to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of post room services. Inbound and outbound mail is securely tracked and managed using the cloud based system, which creates a comprehensive digital record of all activities and allows the location of each item of mail to be determined. Analysis and reporting allows the identification of busy periods to improve processes, with information available from wherever you are. The system saves mailroom operative time, removes the need for paper-based log books and ensures an efficient service for post recipients.

NJC can raise awareness and the profile of your post room by providing and managing a robust, innovative and cost effective service for your employees or building tenants. If required, the volumes of individual mail streams, such as specific tenant mail or private parcels, can be measured, allowing specific charging mechanisms to be implemented.

We provide 'first class' post room services through:

  • Simple, logical processes incorporating state-of-the-art technology.
  • Recruiting and training capable, customer focused, well presented personnel.
  • Robust security and post screening procedures.
  • Online, transparent performance measurement and audit trail.
  • Flexible software, tailorable to your specific requirements.

The post room services provided by NJC focus on customer service and providing complete transparency of operations. This ensures that recipients are well informed and are able to feel in control, by tracking their post and packages online. Our performance can be measured against pre-defined SLAs and KPIs, which are accessible via the online system. 

All NJC post room personnel undertake scanner operator and suspect package training to enable them to use X-ray machines safely and spot potential threats made visible by the X-ray. The training teaches them how to assess a potential threat and how a perpetrator would plan a terror attack.

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