Commercial Waste Services

NJC believes that separating cleaning and commercial waste services is an outdated model, undermining successful resource recovery.

Our waste management strategy is predicated upon the circular economy, in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them, and then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their service life. This is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose).

NJC provides end-to-end commercial waste services which may include:

  • CSR integration of cleaning and waste management
  • Waste strategy, including technology
  • Waste stream segregation and recycling
  • Weighing at source
  • Reporting
  • End user engagement, communication and education
  • Re-use through managed partners
  • Brokered income
  • Investment in our customers' internal circular economy

In our experience, the Property Manager is frequently left to manage the often competing objectives of legal and budgetary compliance, with the design and layout of facilities frequently hindering the effective management of waste on site and through the disposal process. There is often a balancing act between on-site storage and maximising the size of waste collections, as transport costs are the biggest driver of waste management cost build up.

NJC’s commercial waste services fundamentally relieve these burdens, whilst developing a bespoke strategy to maximise recycling and minimise disposal, within a legislatively compliant approach. The key to this is the onsite treatment of the waste to maximise separate waste streams, maximise collections volumes and minimise numbers of collections, with their inherent financial and carbon costs.

The single largest barrier to any waste reduction strategy is contamination, and with the cleaning company usually collecting waste from the individual tenants or office floors, they can provide a great deal of insight into waste production. A waste audit will identify what is being thrown away, which items have the widest sustainability impact, whether alternative processes or products can reduce waste and if there are increased re-use/ recycling opportunities. Ensuring that waste is disposed of in the correct bins needs to be a given to maximise recycling and NJC’s waste operatives will also check for any contamination issues, and photograph these for education purposes. Collective goals of zero waste to landfill/ incineration and a reduction in overall waste can introduce friendly competitiveness between teams or building tenants, which can be gamified to increase engagement. 

NJC has found that direct contact with the creators of the waste through a regular programme of education and communication brings results and uses roadshows to communicate the compelling reasons “why” we are working hard on segregation, together with participation in team meetings. Integrating commercial waste services and cleaning then brings significant environmental and financial benefits. To find out more please Contact Us.

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