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Our Waste Management service faces the unique challenges presented by mixed-use developments.

Firstly, the physical management of the waste streams, on-site storage receptacles, on-site treatment equipment and removal presents a challenge. Thereafter, there are challenges around the curation and collation of mandatory documentation and elective information to drive positive waste management behaviours, notably in contamination reduction, the single biggest barrier to successful waste stream management. NJC has devised a range of solutions to help property owners and operators meet their legislative responsibilities, whilst maximising recycling and minimising waste transfer costs.

Waste Strategy

At NJC we take a pragmatic approach to managing the administrative and practical aspects of waste management and reporting. Our approach seeks to accommodate the physical limitations of the facilities, particularly around available storage, which has a direct impact on collection frequencies and thereafter costs.

The following are typical strategic objectives of a waste strategy:

  • Zero waste to landfill
  • General waste control and reduction (general waste down, dry mixed recyclables up)
  • Cardboard and paper reclamation (commodity income)
  • Maximisation of dry mixed recyclables and/or discrete waste streams. Minimisation of transport costs and disturbance
  • Communication and education of the occupier
  • Measurement of the waste stream at source (where practical)

The fundamental principles of this strategy are predicated upon the fact that general waste is the most expensive waste stream and conversion to dry mixed recyclables can offer substantial cost reductions.

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