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Improving outcomes through Technology

Technology is no longer about systems. It is about the curation of information to provide insight which can positively influence a business outcome.

Technology is central to NJC's service offer, driving effectiveness and efficiency, providing unrivalled governance of process, capturing proof of service and delivering the data where it will maximise peace of mind.

Robust management information is at the heart of good, strategic business decision making and at NJC we are committed to curating the data that delivers the safety, governance, productivity, and ultimately satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Technology Outcomes

Pandemic-secure solution

The structural business changes that have occurred over the last 5 years, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, will deliver a specific focus on the workforce of the future and not the corporate assets. The skills, processes and procedures required to support a wellbeing centred occupation and environmental strategy compels a different approach to technology and data management.

NJC’s technology strategy ensures that we are a trusted, agile and attentive service partner within a robust pandemic-secure solution. We use our data driven insights to deliver high quality, customer focused services within a continuous improvement framework, with real-time information easily accessible by our customers, whatever the workspace.

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Delivered through MyNJC, we have curated a range of software, process and people management systems harnessed to create, manage and monitor our input costs and effectively measure our business outcomes. Through data collection and analysis, we provide the assurance necessary to deliver a hygienically clean, safe, high performing workspace that delivers the highest possible customer experience.

MyNJC allows us to allocate operational tasks, tours and audit processes by workspace, central or local location, providing governance over the process of activities, proving evidence of attendance, hygiene standards and managing quality. Footfall monitoring technology allows us to tailor our day cleaning activities to optimise workplace hygiene, and help ensure the best experience for building users.

Our systems include:

  • Safety management.
  • Pandemic-secure operations and reporting.
  • Demand management.
  • Productivity and reporting across estate, horizontal and vertical cleaning.
  • Hardware and software that deliver functionality at the point of service.
  • Powerful reporting tools.
  • Wellbeing metrics and indices.
  • Information portals delivering governance and compliance processes.

NJC’s Drop Management system facilitates the measurement of the productivity of our window and external building cleaning activities, by monitoring in real time the locations completed and the time taken. The information is available in the cloud, allowing building management and occupiers to check the status of scheduled work.

The in-built compliance module ensures that all necessary safety checks on working at height equipment are completed and recorded.

NJC's approach delivers unrivalled governance in the planning, implementation, auditing and reporting of all cleaning and support service tasks, with evidenced outcomes in real-time.

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To find out more about NJC’s use of technology and MyNJC please call us today on 0203 984 4450.

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