It’s essential commercial environments are kept clean and healthy. You’ll find our suite of services not only comprehensive, rigorous and tailored to your specific needs, but also focused on achieving a fantastic user experience for employees and visitors alike. 

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Our full range of commercial cleaning services include: 

  • Routine cleaning that includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of surfaces, desks and tables. 
  • Washroom and Hygiene Cleaning of changing rooms, showers and toilets, sinks and other fixtures and fittings, as well as restocking of consumables such as toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. 
  • Floor care that covers cleaning and maintaining different types of flooring including carpet, tile and hardwood floors. 
  • Windows and façade cleaning of interior and exterior windows to maintain a clear view, while also improving the building’s overall appearance. 
  • Specialist cleaning including deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitising services, as well as cleaning for specific sectors such as IT & data infrastructure, healthcare facilities and food service establishments. 
  • Support Services cover additional services that complement cleaning services such as recycling and waste management, pest control, washroom and hygiene services, and janitorial supplies. 

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