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We’re focused on the ethics of how we make decisions, how we report on what we do and how we run our business compliantly. We’re open to scrutiny and always aim to be honest and transparent about our activities with customers, co-workers and our supply chain. 

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meeting commitments, exceeding them where possible

We believe strong governance is essential for managing, evaluating and shaping the direction of corporate and business ESG effectively. So we take it very seriously.  

Of course, being profitable is essential to our long-term success as a business, but it’s never at the short-term expense of either people or the planet. That’s why we’ve embedded the three Ps (People, Planet and Profit) into our governance and decision making processes. 

Our commitment to “excellence” as a core value means we strive not only to implement best practices that comply with relevant legislation, but to go beyond them at every opportunity.  

We regularly review our company culture to make sure it remains inclusive, people’s voices are heard and understood, and that it supports everyone in our business to achieve their potential.  

We’re committed to continuously monitoring, reviewing and improving our governance processes. Through our annual Sustainability Highlights Report, we’ll hold ourselves accountable while making sure the voices of our stakeholders (inside and outside the business) feel heard and understood. 

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