gratitude award scheme

It’s well-known that people who feel appreciated produce better results. So we created our Gratitude Award Scheme to celebrate those doing exceptional work – either in terms of providing great customer service or by living our core values.

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going the extra mile for customers and colleagues

Our Gratitude Award Scheme is designed to both recognise achievements and highlight great behaviour in the workplace, with any customer or a member of staff able to recommend an employee for a Gratitude Award. The scheme offers rewards of increasing value and regular recipients are also recognised in our talent development process.

We also have various other incentives to help motivate our people. These include a discretionary bonus, a formal performance bonus, and local reward schemes such as our “Afternoon Tea for Two” scheme, which treats recipients to a 5-star hotel Afternoon Tea experience – a 5-star experience we like to emulate when working with our customers.

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