anti-static & fogging cleaning

We provide a range of anti-static and whole-room decontamination fogging for clean rooms, clean zones and controlled environments, along with certification, reporting and air testing. 

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peak performance for clean environments 

Some environments, such as clean rooms, clean zones and controlled environments require higher levels of hygiene and decontamination.  

anti-static cleaning 

Our specially trained technicians are directly employed, closely monitored, and equipped with anti-static, lint-free workwear. And the specialist equipment we use to remove organic materials, clothing fibres, carbon fibres, paper dust, metallic dust, and chemical contaminants from the air and surfaces is state-of the-art. 

As well as cleaning surfaces such as the tops of server cabinets and floors, we also decontaminate ceiling voids, raised flooring, and server cabinet interiors. From dust and heat to builders’ debris and zinc whiskers, we help you tackle the many threats to the efficient operation of your data centre and other sensitive environments. 

Once cleaned, we can certificate data centres, data rooms, and comms rooms to ISO 14644-1 Class 8, based on international standards. We can also provide bespoke reporting, including before and after photos and air particulate testing. 


Sometimes routine cleaning and basic sanitising aren’t enough to achieve the required hygiene standards. In these cases, we can disinfect commercial, mixed-use and retail environments using fogging, where we apply a chemical mist in an environment.

The advantage of fogging is that the cleaning agent reaches areas normal cleaning techniques can’t, especially the air in a room. This means it’s rarely necessary to move furniture or equipment around before or after the cleaning process. For maximum effectiveness we also manually pre-clean an area before fogging.

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