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Regular cleaning of carpet and soft furnishings ensures they’re kept in top condition, increasing their lifespans and, ultimately, saving you money. Our services include steam cleaning, pad cleaning, and leather cleaning.  

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show dirty carpets and upholstery a clean pair of heels 

Because of its shape, dirt and debris can easily get trapped in soft furnishings whether chairs, sofas, mattresses or curtains, so it’s hard to clean effectively. However, using steam cleaning techniques it’s possible to both wash and sanitise soft furnishings, prolong their lifespans and, in the process, save money by having to replace them less often. 

We use a wide variety of equipment and cleaning methods to clean carpets and soft furnishings in commercial, mixed-use and residential environments: 

  • Hot water extraction – commonly known as steam carpet cleaning, this uses high-pressure hot water to agitate the carpet fibres and dissolve dirt in the carpet. It’s a treatment most carpet manufacturers recommend. 
  • Bonnet buffing – bonnet pad cleaning is a standard industry technique for cleaning low pile (short-fibre) office carpet tiles. 
  • Absorbent dry extraction – we use only the fastest, most advanced and user-friendly deep carpet cleaning system, which requires no drying time so carpets are back in service as soon as the cleaning’s done. 

And to ensure minimum disruption, our services are available out of normal working hours. 

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