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Some of the world’s leading companies, rely on our high quality, self-delivered cleaning services. Why? Because they recognise that good cleaning standards are integral to their brand value and their efficiency as an organisation.

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As thought leaders in the commercial, mixed-use and residential cleaning industry, our service standards mirror, and occasionally exceed, the latest building and environmental standards such as BREEAM, WELL Building Institute and RICS. And it’s this desire to always be better that helps our customers achieve well-being excellence.

We achieve a positive impact on customer experience and well-being through high quality services, attention to detail, continuous improvement, and our investment in technology. We recruit, retain and develop the brightest and the best at all levels of our business with each prepared and equipped to go the extra mile. This is what we call the “NJC DNA”.

We split our cleaning services into three key areas:

They also include:

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