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Just as a building’s look and cleanliness influences the perceptions of residents, visitors, customers or colleagues, so does the welcome they receive from front-of-house and concierge teams.

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the warmest of welcomes

Typically, arrival at reception is the first opportunity to impress first-time visitors, or maintain a positive experience for employees, members of the public, or residents. Of course, it’s about being welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable, and personable, but it’s also about being professional and paying attention to the detail at all times.

As well as being the welcoming smile, we also see our teams as stewards of a building, and guardians of the systems, processes and procedures that make it a home, or a place of work or relaxation. Our staff are trained and supported to ensure the buildings are maintained and welcoming 24 hours a day.

We invest heavily in training our front-of-house and concierge teams to look the part, behave naturally, communicate well, and operate to the highest standards on your behalf. All while ensuring a building is maintained and welcoming 24 hours a day, and in a way that promotes your culture, reinforces your brand, and reflects your values.

Our unified model, supported by our Service Desk, significantly reduces the impact on property management teams by dealing with issues before they reach you. And combined with our unique compliance management model, our unified option reduces costs, improves standards and enhances customer engagement. Even better our extensive operational management experience and professionalism will improve your building’s day-to-day operations, along with the experience of its users.

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