graffiti removal

Unfortunately, graffiti has become a common problem for many urban and city centre properties. The key to removing it is to respond quickly, as left unchecked it can leave marks and shadowing and encourage even more graffiti.

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According to the Anti-Social Behaviour Act, 2003, property owners, lease holders, or property management companies are responsible for removing graffiti. And while there are various homegrown techniques to get rid of unsightly graffiti – ranging from paint remover to industrial paint stripper to steam cleaning – effective removal does require specialist techniques and equipment. 

Our approach depends on the type of surface affected, how long the graffiti’s been there, and the type of paint, marker, adhesive, or material used. But rest assured, we’ll make sure all traces are removed, without harming delicate surfaces or leaving marks or “ghosting”. At the same time, we’ll also make sure we minimise any disruption to users or the operation of your building.

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