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We’re experts in all hard floor surface cleaning processes, cleaning products, cutting-edge equipment and provide comprehensive renovation, restoration and maintenance programmes. Plus, we’ve got all your slip testing and fall risk needs covered too. 

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get to grips with clean and safe hard floors   

We cover all hard floor services from linoleum to stone to wood and can also support the transition from construction into operation once floors have been laid.  

Our experience extends to maintaining natural stone floors made of materials such as marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone and slate, as well as hard floors made of terrazzo, porcelain, and Victorian ceramic, terracotta, or quarry tiles.  

Whatever the surface or environment, we have the specialist know-how, products, and equipment to provide cost-effective, excellent results every time: 

  • Diamond cutting – advanced technology and techniques to remove surface scratches from stone flooring, restoring the surface to look like new. 
  • Vitrification – creates a long-lasting shine and a slip resistant surface improving safety, while reducing maintenance and extending the life of the floor. 
  • Sealing – slows down the absorption of spillages into a stone surface to protect it from damage and make it easier to clean. 
  • Stain removal – specialist commercial cleaning processes to remove even the deepest floor stains. 
  • Resin repairs – ideal for repairing repair minor cracks, chips and holes. 

Giving slips the slip 

Over time, certain hard floor surfaces can become slippery and potentially hazardous to users. In fact, slips, trips, and falls are the most common workplace accidents. And because building owners and managers have a duty of care to employees and visitors, regularly cleaning and treating hard floors is essential.  

Part of this is conducting regular slip testing to ensure hard floors are safe enough to reduce slip risks. We use the portable Pendulum Slip Test method – recommended by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) – the only test accepted by UK courts in civil slip injury claims. 

The pendulum slip test mimics the interaction between a person’s heel and a floor, the most common point at which a slip occurs, in wet and dry conditions and grades how much friction the floor generates – from low to moderate to high. 

Based on the results, we can help you make informed decisions to reduce risks, protect users, and minimise potential insurance claims or criminal prosecution.  

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