high-level cleaning

As well as being hard to reach from ground level, high-level areas like receptions, ceilings, atria and retail units can be particularly difficult to clean. Look no further. 

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You need experienced hands, expert knowledge and specialist safety and cleaning equipment to clean high-level areas and ceilings. Before starting any project, we’ll carry out a survey, evaluate your specific needs, make service recommendations and do a full risk assessment. 

High-level cleaning 

Suitable for a wide range of commercial, mixed-use and residential environments, we use specialist cleaning systems to rapidly extract dust from ground level. And where necessary, we use experienced rope access teams or specialist mobile access equipment for higher areas and confined spaces. This allows safety-first cleaning of atria, glass roofs, lift shafts, and parapets. 

We also carry out external cleaning and maintenance to ensure that buildings are kept in the best condition to maximise their lifespans. 

Ceiling tile cleaning 

Airborne dust and dirt collects on ceilings, often near air-conditioning grilles and vents, which can irritate lungs if inhaled. So regular cleaning will not only maintain the original design aesthetic, it will also support the health and well-being of a building’s users. 

Our highly experienced ceiling tile cleaning teams are all PASMA, IPAF and Electronic Access Equipment trained. We carry out full risk assessments, protect any valuable hardware, assets and furniture before starting, and use only the most advanced methods (vacuuming, cleaning and buffing) and materials to guarantee an impeccable, seamless finish to washable ceiling tiles even around light fittings and diffuser and ventilation systems. 

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