IT & data infrastructure

Our experienced, specially trained and certified cleaning technicians keep even the most sensitive and complex IT and data centre equipment running at peak performance. We’ll also help prevent the spread of bacteria and other viruses between your co-workers. 

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We have a full range of IT hygiene and data centre cleaning services and protocols, designed to fit around your very specific needs. 

IT hygiene 

Achieving hygienic office environments is challenging. Bacteria and viruses are more easily spread in hybrid working and hot-desking environments as people come and go. So keeping IT equipment dust and germ-free through regular professional cleaning brings dual benefits. 

Not only does it improve performance, reduce the risk of data loss and equipment damage, and increase the lifespan of equipment, cleaning also minimises the spread of infection, reduces absenteeism, improves productivity and, ultimately, saves money.  

Our IT hygiene services cover: 

  • Monitors and screens 
  • Desktop phone systems 
  • Mice and keyboards 
  • Photocopiers 
  • Printers 
  • AV equipment 

Our IT hygiene process includes: 

  • A survey and risk assessment. 
  • A planned schedule of work to minimise disruption. 
  • A Team Leader to supervise all aspects of our fully trained hygienists’ work. 
  • A specific training and induction schedule, tailored to your offices and needs. 

Data centre cleaning from NJC Hi-Tech 

Our extensive expertise encompasses both intensive and maintenance level cleaning and covers all aspects of data centre cleaning, including high-level and sub-floor voids. Our approach is built on providing services through bespoke techniques, training, and equipment to ensure the integrity and certification of critical environments to ISO 14664-1, class 8 or better, standards.  

As a starting point, we believe critical infrastructure cleaning has to be done by specially trained teams dedicated to this environment. This way, we can mitigate risk and ensure we achieve the required standards through the right training, equipment, and ongoing support. We vet all our operatives to Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) as standard, provide data-centre specific training, and hold IPAF, PASMA, and CSCS accreditation. 

Ultimately, it’s about working with you to minimise potential downtime, malfunction, corrosion, and data corruption that could harm your facility’s reliability. And we’ll always ensure we showcase your infrastructure in the best way possible. 

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