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We treat janitorial consumables, materials and equipment as a service, focusing on their sustainable supply, use and ultimate disposal as one cohesive process. A process with its own carbon infrastructure. 

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taking care of caretaking supplies 

At NJC, we prefer to take care of janitorial supplies from a completely different perspective. One that’s outcome-led. In other words, being clear what our customers want to achieve, then exploring the best way to make it happen, before implementing a strategy to get there – and adapting it along the way as necessary. 

Our extensive experience in providing janitorial supplies and consumables bring some obvious advantages that our customers benefit from: 

  • Long-term relationships with manufacturers mean better unit rates for janitorial supplies. 
  • Savings kick-in at the start of a contract and as volumes grow and unit rates improve. 
  • Close supplier relationships also provide benefits on janitorial product knowledge and marketing. 
  • Access to early research and development in new products and processes. 
  • Regular participation in advanced trials to achieve more efficiencies and savings.  

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