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A comprehensive range of internal and external services to maintain and protect your buildings inside and out.

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high (quality) maintenance

In our experience, maintaining the highest standards for landlords, property owners, residents and visitors, means regularly checking environments – whether commercial, mixed-use, or residential. Only then can you respond to the inevitable impact of wear and tear that modern facilities experience, but also unforeseen events.

Our regular service checks include:

  • Lighting
  • Graffiti
  • All glazing
  • Automatic doors
  • Waste chutes, waste rooms, and waste storage
  • Wastage movement systems.

They also include:

  • Fire-extinguisher checks
  • Water flushing
  • Cladding maintenance and repairs
  • Signage cleaning, maintenance and repairs
  • Gutter and rainwater system maintenance.
maintenance building

And to meet the ever-increasing compliance challenge for caretaking and maintenance teams, we’ve developed a specific service to carry out a wide range of legislative and compliance checks cost-effectively. This service includes:

  • Fire standards compliance
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Fire door testing (including demise)
  • Void water temperature checks.

Operated as part of our unified model, and supported by our Service Desk, this approach adds significant value to ensuring compliance. At the same time, it majorly reduces the impact on property management teams, by taking care of everything from compliance checking to reporting.

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