pest control, bird proofing & hawking

Insect infestations, birds, and rodents can prove financially costly and reputationally damaging. And, if not dealt with swiftly and smoothly, they often have a negative impact on relationships with residents, customers, employees or the general public. 

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prevention-led pest control 

You’ll find our pest control teams knowledgeable, discreet, and highly efficient at providing both preventative and managed services for controlling and removing all types of pest infestation, including cleaning and disinfecting decontaminated areas.  

Pest control, bird proofing, and hawking have become an essential addition to our portfolio of services and support our enhanced focus on occupier well-being and business sustainability.   

We use the latest pest control methods to ensure minimal disruption, along with sustainable and humane products wherever possible. We combine these with a service and monitoring programme specific to your workplace or property, and use specialist surveys to detect and identify pests before implementing specific control measures. 

Our commercial pest control services include: 

  • Rodent and insect control, prevention, and disposal 
  • Bird control, bird proofing, and bird dropping removal 
  • Mole control, trapping, and gassing 
  • Rabbit and fox control 
  • Electric fly-control units 
  • Window and door fly-chains and curtains 
  • Insecticide spraying 
  • Deep cleaning of any affected areas.

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