post room & porterage

Our experienced post room teams sort mail, manage stationery, photocopiers and printers, and provide document archiving solutions. Meanwhile our porterage’s broad range and mix of critical services take care of much of the essential day-to-day logistics.

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keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes

We’ve designed our post room and porterage services not only to dovetail into the way you like to do things, but also to help ensure the smooth and efficient everyday running of your property or organisation.

Pushing the envelope in post room services

We use state-of-the-art NFC (Near Field Communication) and cloud technology to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of post room services and securely track, manage, and locate inbound and outbound mail. We also measure performance against pre-defined SLAs and KPIs.  

Ultimately, our cutting-edge systems improve processes, save time, and achieve a faster service for senders and recipients, whether employees or residents. We can also measure mail-stream volumes, and implement specific charging mechanisms.

Our approach also centres around:

  • Recruiting and training capable, customer-focused, well-presented people
  • Robust security and post screening procedures and training (including X-ray scanning of suspect packages) for all post room staff
  • Online, transparent performance measurement and audit trail
  • Flexible software, tailored to your specific needs.

Taking the weight off your shoulders

From setting up meeting rooms and AV equipment, to moving bulky items around, to maintaining and repairing small-scale fabric and systems, to gritting roads and paths, porterage is vital to well run organisations and properties.

So we invest heavily in the processes, training, and management that underpin such a huge spectrum of services. The aim: not just to meet the expectation of residents, visitors, customers and colleagues, but exceed them.

Need help?

Our team are here to help with any questions, and to show where NJC can add real value to your company and customer experience. So why not get in touch via chat, our online form or call us on 0345 395 1000 and one of our sales team will be happy to assist.