pressure washing

Our pressure-washing services, encompassing both high-pressure and cold water cleaning, can tackle any size task. Our small electric, cold water bowser machines require no water or power supply to run, while our industrial systems can take on the largest jobs. 

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a force of nature 

We use cold water, high-pressure, chemical-free washing to clean many types of hard surface environments including loading bays, walls and public realm. Plus, we have the expertise to deal with different types of stone finishes, including delicate ones.  

Our chemical-free, hot water steam systems are also very effective at removing dirt and grime caused by traffic emissions. In fact, we only use chemicals when absolutely necessary and only those that are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. 

Pressure washing is ideal for: 

  • Graffiti cleaning and removal – the quicker graffiti is removed, the better, as after a few weeks the solvent dries into the pores of the brick making it more difficult to remove. We remove graffiti without harming delicate surfaces, leaving marks or shadows. 
  • Chewing gum removal – removing gum regularly helps to keep an area immaculate and tidy. And the sooner it’s removed, the less likely it is to leave unattractive “oil stains”. 
  • Moss and algae removal – as well as looking unsightly, moss and algae can increase the risk of slips and falls on driveways, paths, play areas, car parks, terraces, decking, marinas, pavements and other public areas, if left untreated. 
  • Brick and stone building cleaning – a dirty building exterior reflects badly on its owner and tenants. A clean, well-presented exterior will make the right impression with users, visitors, and passers-by.  

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