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We provide the full range of washroom, hygiene, linen and laundry services. And thanks to our commitment to sustainability, we always ensure all the products and processes we use are environmentally friendly and sustainable to minimise impact on people and planet. 

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keeping a clean sheet 


Clean, tidy, hygienic washrooms are the very least anyone using washroom facilities should expect. Our broad range of washroom services and products are suitable for all types of facility, large or small, with premises open or closed to the public. And our commitment to sustainability means we only source and use environmentally friendly, sustainable products. 

Our washroom and hygiene services encompass: 

  • Feminine hygiene  
  • Air care and odour control systems  
  • Barrier matting (logo’d mats) 
  • Nappy and clinical waste  
  • Linen and towels 
  • Dispensers and hand dryers 
  • Vending machines. 

Our washroom services and the products we use: 

  • Are occupier-sensitive, constantly available, and simple to use 
  • Contribute to a clean, hygienic, and safe environment 
  • Add to a positive user experience whatever the environment 
  • Help reduce water and energy usage, and cleaning costs 
  • Meet or exceed all current legislation. 

Linen and laundry 

Our centrally managed towel, linen, and laundry services provide both rented and non-rented items, and we tailor delivery to your specific requirements. We’ve developed our laundry services over many years, so rest assured we have in-depth knowledge of the right sustainable cleaning products and processes to achieve the best results. 

Our linen and laundry service covers: 

  • PPE 
  • Work-wear 
  • Furnishings 
  • Hand, face, and bathing towels 
  • Bed linen. 

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