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5 minutes with Grzegorz Gut

02 June 2020

My name is Grzegorz Gut and I am the Night Shift Team Leader at London Bridge City (LBC). I have been working throughout the Coronavirus crisis, helping to keep the buildings and estate safe, clean and hygienic.

What does your job involve?

My job is to clean all the exterior areas, using various types of machinery. The area is very crowded with members of the public during the day, so myself and my colleagues work at night to minimise disruption.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Every day there is something new. No matter how many times I have done some work, I always think about how I could improve it and also the possibility of improving my qualifications.

What changes have there been for you since the Coronavirus lockdown?

Since the pandemic began, my work and that of my colleagues has changed radically. I have had to focus on things that previously I only did in emergencies, such as cleaning indoors. It has provided another challenge in my working life, especially knowing how important it is to keep critical areas clean for everyone in these difficult times.

What have been the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge for me was to overcome the fear of being infected, as it has happened to thousands of people and many have sadly died. I have worked carefully, together with my colleagues and managers, to minimise the risks.

How have you worked together with NJC colleagues and the wider BRIDGE community during this difficult time?

It has been extremely important that all service partners who are part of the BRIDGE community have worked closely. It has never been more important that the whole BRIDGE team respects the work being done and supports each other, no matter what their discipline. We have worked very hard to keep all areas clean and sanitised, to keep everyone safe.

Are you seeing an increase in the number of people returning to their offices at LBC?

I would say that the number of people returning to work has not increased much. However, since the government relaxed some of the coronavirus restrictions, we are seeing an increase in the number of people walking around the estate and enjoying the good weather.

Despite everything, things seem to be returning to normal little by little. However, it may be that things will be a little different from now on and everyone’s life will be changed from what it was before the pandemic.

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