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data centre cleaning

15 September 2022

As enterprise infrastructure moves toward cloud distributed application delivery, the data centre itself is being transformed and its importance cannot be overstated.

NJC Hi-Tech works to prevent business disruption and financial loss by helping to ensure the reliability of data centre equipment, servers, and other IT equipment.

Critical infrastructure is extremely sensitive to dust, fibres and other contaminants, and our cleaning protocols ensure that they remain free from any materials that can affect equipment performance.

Our experienced, specially trained, and certified technicians help to keep even the most sensitive and complex equipment running at optimal levels. Whether you operate an emergency call centre, data centre, IT comms room, or other critical environments, we’ll help keep things running securely, efficiently, and reliably every hour of every day.

Working in close partnership with your IT and facilities team, our technicians will thoroughly clean each element of your data environment, taking care not to disrupt your business operations. Our team members are all directly employed, and trained to the highest industry standards and their work is monitored to ensure a consistently high-quality service is delivered every time. They are equipped with anti-static, lint-free workwear and this, together with specialist HEPA filtered equipment, allows us to remove organic materials, clothing fibres, carbon fibres, paper dust, metallic dust and chemical contaminants from the air and surfaces.

After the clean we will certificate the data centre, data room and comms room to ISO 14644-1 Class 8. This specification is based on the international standards for cleanliness of clean rooms, clean zones and controlled environments.

Our services include:

  • High-level cleaning
  • Sub-floor and ceiling void cleaning
  • Floor tile scrubbing and polishing
  • Cleaning exterior surfaces of hardware
  • Internal rack cleaning
  • Internal server cleaning
  • Desktop IT hygiene cleaning.

In addition to data centre cleaning, NJC carries out critical environment cleaning for IT facilities, server rooms, switch rooms and plant rooms.

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