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how self-delivery adds value

03 November 2020

Whether you are running a corporate office, multi-tenanted commercial building or a modern residential district, the management of the facilities has a major impact on the experience, wellbeing and happiness of your occupiers and their guests. At the heart of successful Facilities Management outsourcing, is agility, flexibility and responsiveness. This is typified by self-delivery organisations which, as experts in their field, deliver multiple benefits to customers.

Self-delivery improves service quality

When high quality standards are a top priority, directly employed front-line employees with the correct training and service mindset are better placed to deliver the service quality desired. Research from IWFM has shown that this is a key reason for single service delivery having increased to 29% of the market by 2018. The service standards are often highly reflected in the company culture, mission, values and principles of work. Even when sub-contractors are thoroughly trained, it is difficult to guarantee that the employees are culturally aligned and able to deliver to the standards that the client organisation expects.

In the current environment, high cleaning standards and relentless attention to detail have never been more important. Regular, thorough cleaning of all buildings is an important part of ensuring they are Covid-secure, and that the commercial or residential occupiers and their visitors feel safe and welcomed.

At NJC, high standards of cleaning and customer service have always been the principal drivers within our operational model, with self-delivery of all core services. As well as daily cleaning, our employees carry our complex cleaning of windows, towers and atria, as well as specialist cleaning and estate cleaning. The NJC DNA is central to our culture: delivering high quality services whilst always going ‘the extra mile.’

Decrease risks and improve compliance

Self-delivery can help to minimise risk in many areas, and ensure a high transparency of service provision and management information. When self-delivering, a service provider can ensure that all front-line employees receive the training and coaching necessary to perform the service in a consistent, compliant manner, including technical, health and safety, and customer service skills. Standards can be regularly monitored and steps taken to ensure that all employees are motivated to support the customer’s business outcomes directly.

At NJC, everything we do has Health and Safety as the priority, with a zero tolerance to harm, and employee health and wellbeing supported by our operating processes and procedures. We pay very close attention to training and auditing to ensure that all procedures and regulations are correctly followed. Our RoSPA Gold Awards and IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) Corporate Membership reflect our high standards.

Reduce costs and improve efficiencies

A self-delivery model can generate cost-efficiencies and synergies, through cross-training/upskilling of employees and through the most effective utilisation of supervisory and management resource, which removes compounded overhead. Upskilling of front-line employees can secure better utilisation of existing personnel and lower temporary recruitment costs, as employees are better able to cover for one another. It also positively influences employee motivation and engagement as people get the opportunity to develop new skills and advance their careers.

Self-delivery allows the satisfaction of often competing budgets as we maintain Covid security over very long periods, providing a direct control over the resources that would support Covid and planned cleaning.

Streamlined operations in a ‘one team’ approach remove duplicated overheads and bring commercial efficiency, as there is no margin to be applied to sub-contractors charges. This facilitates high standards of service with the best price. The account manager, as a central point of contact, ensures a seamless, consistent, efficient service, whilst ensuring effectiveness and simplicity of communications.

Services tailored to your evolving needs

Directly employed industry subject matter experts apply their expertise to your business and buildings, developing a solution that incorporates best practice and innovation to meet your specific needs. With the current external environment being very fluid, the self-delivered services can quickly be evolved and adapted to ensure the requirements are always fulfilled. Direct control of daily and specialist cleaning resource facilitates a rapid response to emergency situations due to suspected or confirmed Covid cases.

Customers are not always aware that sub-contracting of specialist services is common in the cleaning industry. At NJC we are proud of our industry leading standards of cleaning, technical expertise and ambassadorial customer service standards, delivered by an engaged, empowered workforce. Our teams self-deliver daily cleaning, window and external building cleaning, estate cleaning and abseiling services, as well as waste management and postroom services where required. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how this approach adds value.

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