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NJC & London Bridge City win PFM Award

07 January 2020

We were delighted to win the Partners in Cleaning Award at the PFM (Premises and Facilities Management) Awards with London Bridge City (LBC). The award was presented at London’s The Brewery on 6th November where the judges said: “We decided that NJC with London Bridge City was the deserving winner, showing exemplary levels of cleaning through working in partnership and going well beyond the call of duty in many instances. There were good examples of innovation and sustainability, resulting in new cleaning processes and equipment, together with high levels of collaboration all the way through to operative level.”

London City landscape

The partnership between NJC and LBC commenced in 2015 and covers 21.5 acres between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, encompassing four million square feet of office, retail, leisure and event space, together with private residences. The complex estate, with multiple stakeholders, is one of the most visited London riverside destinations and has a high support service requirement 24/7/365. NJC self-delivers internal and external building cleaning, estate cleaning and maintenance, window cleaning (including rope access) and portering services.

The partnership has delivered consistent, high standards at the best price, bringing high levels of cleanliness throughout the entire estate. Innovation in shift patterns, schedules and equipment have been made to improve standards and increase efficiencies, resulting in a 30% increase in estate cleaning productivity and delivering a required change to night estate cleaning seamlessly. Chemical-free cleaning and water recycling are key sustainability drivers, and the NJC ‘can-do’ attitude and process of continual improvement has driven progress in all areas.

Improving service and quality standards has required close collaboration between the LBC and NJC teams to identify more efficient and productive ways of working, providing a single unit with a coherent approach. The NJC initiated BRIDGE community has enhanced collaboration between service providers and LBC, unified by a common vision, values and goals. This has resulted in a genuine ‘one team’ approach to service excellence and adding value to the management of the estate.

Stuart Gilby, Estate Director, LBC commented: “Our priority is consistent, high standard services, at the best price. Our NJC partnership has delivered substantial improvements in cleaning standards and their contract extension is testament to these results, their continuous improvement, and their team’s collaborative approach and ‘can-do’ attitude. They have been a driving force in ensuring the satisfaction of our stakeholders and supporting our reputation and brand.”

Paul Crilly, Managing Director, NJC commented: “Our approach has brought innovation in cleaning processes, scheduling and equipment to deliver high standards, and it continues to evolve. We continually strive to bring additional value, and our leadership in the BRIDGE community and our responsible recycling support are good examples of this.”

Our approach has brought innovation in cleaning processes, scheduling and equipment to deliver high standards, and it continues to evolve.

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