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the future workplace

15 March 2021

Pondering the future of work is not new. It is a journey we have been on for decades and most of its aspects are well-established, from how and where we work, to greater focus on employee wellbeing and experience. What is new is the profound transformation that has occurred for many of us during the pandemic. Workforce preferences were already changing and many of these trends have accelerated. The offices we return to will need to support these and additional changes delivered by mature occupation of the new normal.

The way we have lived and worked during the past year has meant that working styles have changed for most of us. Having proved and improved remote working, we know that we can work from anywhere and that for some activities, we are much more productive working outside of the conventional workplace.

Hybrid or distributed working models will change the property portfolio mix for many organisations, the cultural and collegiate relationships of these portfolios and the dynamics and structures of organisations required to support them. We are moving to a clear emphasis on the workforce and not the workplace.

People travelling to the office will expect a welcoming environment, supporting health and wellbeing, enhancing their productivity and providing on-site conveniences. We believe that the workplace will require a new type of agile facilities services provider, with new roles, processes and procedures, within evolutionary resourcing models. The focus will be on providing an excellent employee experience through exemplary standards of service, driven by continuous improvement.

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