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Zero Greenwashing at NJC

30 June 2023

Until we become entirely carbon neutral, we will be unable to avoid creating a carbon footprint on some scale. Therefore to be truly net zero, we need to consider carbon offsetting. To offset, we have selected Ecologi as our source to support a range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing, or avoiding, greenhouse gas emissions. These projects are certified to the very highest level by Gold Standard, or the Verified Carbon Standard. These verified standards prevents greenwashing and fraudulent projects.

NJC has offset our entire 2022 emissions, this is immediate action to carbon neutralise our business as quickly as possible. However, we recognise offsetting is not the sole answer to becoming net zero and should be the last response. Therefore, we are determined to reduce our emissions through our reduction strategies to control the reduction of emissions at source. Please see our Ecologi profile showing transparency on the projects we selected.

To be truly net zero, we need to consider carbon offsetting

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