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As a business, we’re focused on minimising our impact on the environment. Not just by using more sustainable products and developing more sustainable services, but by creating more sustainable and ethical operations – including in our supply chain.   

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We feel the more sustainable we become, the more sustainable our customers can be, too. In fact, supporting your environmental and sustainability ambitions is one way we can gauge our success when it comes to ESG. 

The cleaning industry relies heavily on water, so it’s vital we’re responsible in how we use this finite resource and in how we dispose of and treat waste water to minimise the impact on the environment. 

We carefully procure only sustainable equipment and wherever possible, chemical-free products, always following reduce, reuse and recycle principles. It’s about ensuring the least harm to individuals, oceans and land. 

While we worked with tree planting giant, Ecologi, to offset our entire scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions in 2022 against certified projects audited to gold standard or verified carbon standard, we’re committed to further reducing our emissions at source in 2023 with stringent reduction plans in place and in motion.

There’s a lot of “greenwashing” when it comes to the environment, so we’re walking the walk by pledging to be a net-zero company by 2030. How? By implementing clear strategies, effective policies and detailed metrics – all overseen by a strong and committed leadership team.  

Supporting your sustainability goals

Until now, the global economy has largely depended on a linear ‘make-use-dispose’ system in which valuable natural resources are extracted and turned into products, which are discarded at the end of their service life. As the damaging consequences of this become glaringly apparent, particularly with respect to single-use plastics, we need to urgently rethink.

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