our values

Every successful business has a strong culture. A culture shaped and influenced by the values it holds dear. At NJC, our values summarise what we stand for as an organisation, and underpin how we treat each other and how we like to do business.


CORE to the way we work 

We recruit talented people and train, support, and enable them to fulfil their career ambitions with us. Our career development programme is designed around our core values that form the heart and soul – the DNA of NJC. And front and centre of this programme is our customers. That’s why “customer-first” is a core value. 

We’re committed to being an employer of choice by offering competitive employment packages. But more than that, we strive to create a positive work environment where people can be themselves, feel a sense of belonging, and invest in building a fun and productive culture. That means being honest with each other and why “openness” is a core value. 

Our people enjoy their work. They respect one another. And they’re focused on customer service. In our experience, if you enjoy what you do, you produce better results. So we go the extra mile to create an environment where our people feel proud, valued and respected. That’s why “respect” is a core value. 

To help our management teams fulfil contracts brilliantly, we limit their portfolio size, so they can be on-site to support our operational teams. We assign each customer a Senior Area Manager to work at a senior operational level and, where required, functional-level experts to ensure high-quality self-delivered customer services. That’s why “excellence” is a core value. 

Together, these CORE values act as a benchmark for decision-making and a reminder of our raison d’être. 

Need help?

Our team are here to help with any questions, and to show where NJC can add real value to your company and customer experience. So why not get in touch via chat, our online form or call us on 0345 395 1000 and one of our sales team will be happy to assist.