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Our support services are all about streamlining your internal processes, so you can concentrate on your core business. With a focus on sustainable products and practices, we’ll help you stay lean, competitive, and single-mindedly centred on what you do best.

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We provide an integrated range of on and off-site facilities and support services for commercial, mixed-use and residential environments.

Recycling & waste management – comprehensive services to handle, move, document, report on, and encourage positive behaviour around waste management practices and any compliance obligations.

Pest control, bird proofing & hawking – we identify, tackle, and monitor rodent, insect and bird infestations including bird dropping removal and avian deterrence. All with minimal disruption to your building’s users.

Washroom, hygiene, linen & laundry – a complete range of multi-environment washroom, hygiene, maintenance, waste, towel and linen services to keep your facilities fully stocked and sparkling clean.

Janitorial supplies & consumables – an outcome-led approach focused on sustainable, environmentally friendly supplies and consumables, underpinned by close and more cost-effective manufacturing relationships.  

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Our team are here to help with any questions, and to show where NJC can add real value to your company and customer experience. So why not get in touch via chat, our online form or call us on 0345 395 1000 and one of our sales team will be happy to assist.