mixed-use developments

Mixed-use environments need a flexible approach taking into account usage, foot traffic and types of activities. Doing it efficiently and effectively requires both extensive experience of cleaning residential, commercial and retail spaces in a uniquely tailored approach.

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just the right mix for effectiveness and efficiency 

Residential areas, which are amenity-rich require regular cleaning of common areas like lobbies, hallways and elevators. Our approach focuses on cleaning high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches and handrails to ensure hygienically clean areas at all times. 

Meanwhile, commercial spaces require daily cleaning of desks, conference and meeting rooms including breakout areas. Again, our approach focuses on high-touch areas and in cleaning shared equipment such as printers and copiers. 

Retail spaces require frequent cleaning of entranceways, walkways, the public realm and other high-traffic areas. We tailor our approach to make sure visitors and guests have a clean and litter-free experience which enhances their visit. 

We work closely with Workplace Managers to develop a cleaning plan to address each area’s unique needs. Typically, this involves implementing a schedule to balance the frequency and depth of cleaning in each area, and using the right specialised low-carbon equipment and chemical-free cleaning products for the type of surfaces being cleaned. 

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