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BRIDGE Builder award for Michael

16 March 2021

Congratulations to Michael Jorge Payano Bonilla from the NJC team at London Bridge City (LBC) for receiving the February 2021 BRIDGE Builder Award.

Michael was nominated by the BRIDGE Community, the collaboration between all LBC service partners, for displaying the BRIDGE Vision and Values. His nomination said:

“Michael is easily one of the hardest working cleaners I see out on the estate. I see him often during the working day, all across the estate, and he is always politely and diligently going about his business. He is easily the most visible of the public realm cleaning team, and it doesn’t matter where I am on the estate, he seems to be there.

More than that though, Michael is a very quiet, unassuming cleaner, and I feel that due to this, he can very easily be missed or overlooked sometimes. I feel that this is doing him a disservice, as he goes about his day with minimum fuss and fanfare. Michael personifies this attitude, quietly going about his business in a diligent and professional manner, unassuming and without fuss.”

Picture show Michael with NJC Regional Director, Russell Southern

Michael is easily one of the hardest working cleaners I see out on the estate...

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