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NJC supports distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya

02 August 2023

NJC has offset our entire 2022 carbon emissions through various certified projects through Ecologi. This project distributes fuel efficient ‘Jikokoa’ cookstoves to communities around Kenya.

These stoves:

  • Reduce charcoal consumption by 64%, reducing the impact on local forests
  • Saves local families money
  • Reduces indoor air pollution by 65%, generating health benefits for the families who rely on them
  • Provides thousands of jobs to local people, as the stoves are manufactured and distributed locally in a solar-powered facility

Over the lifetime of this project, over 380,000 cookstoves will be distributed, avoiding 4.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, and reducing demand for wood fuel by 2.4 million tonnes.

This project is verified by the Gold Standard and meets 9 of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

For more information please see our Ecologi platform:

Over the lifetime of this project, over 380,000 cookstoves will be distributed

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