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NJC supports Landsec Aspire

21 April 2020

During the first weeks of March, Coronavirus started to disrupt London building occupancy as many people in the capital started to work from home.

The NJC team carefully followed the government guidelines to reduce the risk of infection and carried out additional cleaning and deep cleans of Landsec buildings, to ensure high-risk areas stayed safe and hygienic. The team prepared to keep outbreaks of the virus limited by ensuring that they were able to rapidly respond.


On 10th March at 5pm, the NJC Special Response Team was called out to perform an urgent sanitisation, following reports that someone had become infected with COVID-19. The cleaning team managed to disinfect the whole area before 11pm, only then to have to deal with another incident which also required urgent assistance. The team demonstrated great commitment and resilience as they worked until 2am to ensure the job was completed.

The following evening, the team was once again called out at short notice for further Coronavirus Cleaning, this time working until 1am. As the situation progressed the government introduced new safety measures, but NJC had already developed their own strategies on how to tackle the virus, techniques which gave them a valuable head-start.

Well done to everyone working as part of the Landsec Aspire team!

Image shows Jorge Moreno cleaning a government advice poster early in March.

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